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Table 1

Metamorphic and clastic minerals from the marble samples.

Sample Outcrop (see Figs. 4 and 5) Field type Mineral assemblage Clastic elements Protolith
SR120 Oued Taza (TZ, 1c)
N35 13 52, W 4 48 51
Thinly bedded marbles-phyllites alternations Cal,Mg-Di, Ttn, aggr Scp-Ilt-Zeo, aggr Ms-Chl-Ttn-Kfs, aggr Ab-Kfs, Tlc, Zrn (incl Di, Kfs, Ap, Plg) Zrn core? Limestone (interleaved with argillites, cf. MTS17, 18, 21)
SR123 Oued Amter road (TZ, 1b)
N35 13 46, W 4 48 45
Impure saccharoid marbles Cal, Phl, Ttn (incl Rt-Qz), Di (incl Tr, corrTlc + Qz), Scp, Zrn, Qz, Po, aggrTlc, pseud (Qz-Cal-Chl), U-Th oxydes Qz, Zrn Slightly detrital, slightly dolomitic limestone
SR138 Oued Ljouj (OL)
N35 11 43, W 4 50 47
Fine grained marble Dol, Phl, Mg-Spl, pseud Di (Cal-Srp after Fo), Gk, Zirconolite Null Dolostone
MTS1 Oued Amter road (TZ, 1b)
N35 13 46, W 4 48 45
Thin silica-rich bed in saccharoid marble Cal, Di (corrTlc), Qz, Scp (corrAb + Zo), Wo (corrCal + Qz) + Aggr Di-Kfs-Ttn-Prh (ex-pebbles) Qz, Zrn
Tiny Kfs-rich pebbles
Sandy layer in a thick limestone bed
MTS5 Oued Amter road (TZ, 1a)
N35 13 43, W 4 48 49
Saccharoid marbles with cm-size pebbles Matrix: Cal, Mg-Di, Kfs, Scp (rimCzo, Grs), Pl (rimGrs), Grs,Ttn, ovPlg, aggr Ca-Qz, Pebble: Fe-Di, Pl, Kfs, Qz, Grt (Alm 53, Grs 29, Prp 16), Zrn (incl nanogranite), Ap Rounded grains: Kfs, Pl
Pebble: 1) main part: Kfs, Pl, Di, Grt, Zrn; 2) Outer bed: Qz, Pl, Di
Detrital, poorly magnesian limestone with gneissic pebbles (unconformable on kinzigites)
MTS10 Upp. Inoualine (IN, 2b)
N35 13 19, W 4 48 19
Greenish silicate bed within marbles and clastic alternations Cal, Czo (Fe/Al + Fe 0.25) incl Aln, and corr Mg-Chl-Qz, Qz, Gr, Di (xMg 0.50) corr Cal-Qz and incl Ttn, Gr, Ap, Py, Mnz Zrn, Gr or CM Fe- and CM-rich marl (clay fraction: kaolinite, chlorite…)
MTS12 As MTS10 Clastic, dm-thick bed below MTS10 Cal, Pl (Ca-rich core, Na-rich rim) rim Di/Amp-Chl,Di (Mg-rich core, Fe-rich rim), Fe-Mg-Chl, Ilm, Zrn, Grt (Alm 60, Prp 33, Grs 5) incl Pl, Chl; Zrn, Rt, Ab incl Chl Qz, clay, Alm Fe-rich detrital layer beneath MTS10
MTS13 As MTS10 Pinky marble above MTS10 Cal, Phl (xF 0.2), Fo, ov Srp, Mg-Spl corr Chl, Di, Brt, Po   Dolomitic limestone
MTS15 Low. Inoualine (IN, 2a)
N35 13 27, W 4 48 26
Fine grained marble unconformable over kinzigites Dol, Cal, Fo, Mg-Spl, Phl, Gk, Bdy (rim Zrn), zirconolite, Str, Brt   Dolostone (unconformable on kinzigites)
MTS16 As MTS15 Saccharoid marble with silicate-rich lenses Marble: Cal, Scp (corrMs, Zo), Ca-Pl (corr), MgFe-Di (corr), Ab (inter in Cal), Gr, some large Qz grains
Si-rich layers: Ab, Qz, MgFe-Chl, Ttn, crushed Grt (Alm52 Grs32 Py14 Spe2), Pl, Kfs, Czo (inter in Cal), Zrn, aggrChl-Phg (rim Ep with Aln border)
Qz, Pl, Kfs, Grt (Alm), Chl-Bi?, Zrn Limestone with dm-thick detrital layers
MTS17 Oued Taza (TZ, 1c)
N35 13 52, W 4 48 51
Cf. SR120 Cal, Pl, Fe-Ep, Qz, MgFe-Di (xMg 0.7), Scp, Ttn, Ap, Gr, Prh, Pmp   Impure limestone (interbedded with phyllites cf. MTS21)
MTS21 As MTS17 Phyllites-rich marble Phyllitic seams: Bt-Vrm
Carbonate layers: Cal, Dol, Mg-Spl, Gk, zirconolite, Tlc, Plg
Zrn in associated phyllitic layers (?) Thinly bedded dolomitic marls
JN3, JN4 Jnane Niche (JN)
N35 14 26, W 4 53 03
Marbles with folded/boudinaged black silicate layers/seams Cal, Kfs (rim Wo, Grs, Di), Qz (rim Wo, Di), Pl, Scp, Ttn, Di, Grs, Gr Kfs, Qz Carbonaceous, slightly detrital limestone with sandy layers
JN6 As JN3 Boudin from marble pseudo breccia Marble layer: Cal, Scp, Ttn, Di, Wo, Grs, Gr
Clastic layer: Kfs, Di, Ab, Ttn, Grs, Ccp (rim Wo)
Kfs, Qz Id
JN8 As JN3 Cf. JN6 Cal, Ca-Pl, Grs, Wo, Di (incl Alm), Qz, Kfs, Zeo, Po, Gr Qz, Kfs, Alm? Calcareous sandy layer in limestone

Mineral abbreviations after Whitney and Evans (2010), except K-Fs simplified to “Kfs”. aggr: aggregate of *; alt/corr: altered/corroded by *; incl: inclusion of *; inter: interstitial; ov: ovoid of *; pseud X (*): pseudomorphs after X (replaced by *); rim: reaction rim made up of *. CM: carbonaceous material.

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