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The Western Alpine arc: a review and new kinematic model

Quentin Brunsmann, Claudio Luca Rosenberg and Nicolas Bellahsen
Comptes Rendus. Géoscience 356 (S2) 231 (2024)

The Lithosphere and Upper Mantle of the Western‐Central Mediterranean Region From Integrated Geophysical‐Geochemical Modeling

Wentao Zhang, Ivone Jiménez‐Munt, Montserrat Torne, Jaume Vergés, Estefanía Bravo‐Gutiérrez, Ana M. Negredo and Daniel García‐Castellanos
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Early onset of Pyrenean collision (97–90 Ma) evidenced by U–Pb dating on calcite (Provence, SE France)

Antonin Bilau, Yann Rolland, Thierry Dumont, Stéphane Schwartz, Nicolas Godeau, Abel Guihou and Pierre Deschamps
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The Gibraltar slab dynamics and its influence on past and present-day Alboran domain deformation: Insights from thermo-mechanical numerical modelling

Pedro J. Gea, Ana M. Negredo and Flor de Lis Mancilla
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Geodynamic evolution of north-east Algerian basin: 3D velocity model Reveals high-temperature flow

Selma Lamiri, Zohir Radi and Khalissa Layadi
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The Numidian formation and its Lateral Successions (Central-Western Mediterranean): a review

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Metamorphic Domes in Northern Tunisia: Exhuming the Roots of Nappe Belts by Widespread Post‐Subduction Delamination in the Western Mediterranean

G. Booth Rea, S. Gaidi, F. Melki, W. Marzougui, P. Ruano, F. Nieto, J. M. Azañón, J. P. Galvé, K. Hidas and C. J. Garrido
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Lithospheric-scale dynamics during continental subduction: Evidence from a frozen-in plate interface

Kevin Mendes, Philippe Agard, Alexis Plunder and Clément Herviou
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Seismogenic potential and tsunami threat of the strike-slip Carboneras fault in the western Mediterranean from physics-based earthquake simulations

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The Paleogene continental basins from SE France: New geographic and climatic insights from an integrated approach

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Active Collapse in the Central Betic Cordillera: Development of the Extensional System of the Granada Basin

Asier Madarieta-Txurruka, José A. Peláez, Lourdes González-Castillo, Antonio J. Gil and Jesús Galindo-Zaldívar
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Opening of the Algerian Basin: Petrological, geochemical and geochronological constraints from the Yaddene Complex (Lesser Kabylia, Northeastern Algeria)

Abderraouf Seffari, Nachida Abdallah, Olivier Bruguier, et al.
Journal of African Earth Sciences 197 104783 (2023)

Tectono-geomorphological evolution of the Eastern Pyrenees: Insights from thermo-kinematic modeling

Gaétan Milesi, Pierre G. Valla, Philippe Münch and Damien Huyghe
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Protracted Subduction of the European Hyperextended Margin Revealed by Rutile U‐Pb Geochronology Across the Dora‐Maira Massif (Western Alps)

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Agnès Maillard, Fadl Raad, Frank Chanier, et al.
Tectonophysics 829 229295 (2022)

Slab Geometry and Upper Mantle Flow Patterns in the Central Mediterranean From 3D Anisotropic P‐Wave Tomography

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Tomographic Image Interpretation and Central-Western Mediterranean-Like Upper Mantle Dynamics From Coupled Seismological and Geodynamic Modeling Approach

Rosalia Lo Bue, Francesco Rappisi, Brandon Paul Vanderbeek and Manuele Faccenda
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Deciphering the Cenozoic Exhumation History of the Eastern Pyrenees Along a Crustal‐Scale Normal Fault Using Low‐Temperature Thermochronology

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Jocelyn Balansa, Nicolas Espurt, Jean-Claude Hippolyte, Jean Philip and Séverine Caritg
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Variable thermal histories across the Pyrenees orogen recorded in modern river sand detrital geo‐/thermochronology and PECUBE thermokinematic modelling

Tomas N. Capaldi, Margaret L. Odlum, Magdalena Ellis Curry and Daniel F. Stockli
Basin Research 34 (5) 1781 (2022)

Timing and distribution of exhumation in the Ebro basin reveal a plate-scale 10 Ma geodynamic event

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The paleotectonic evolution of the western Mediterranean: provenance insights from the internal Betics, southern Spain

Eirini M. Poulaki and Daniel F. Stockli
Frontiers in Earth Science 10 (2022)

Geophysical‐Petrological Model for Bidirectional Mantle Delamination of the Adria Microplate Beneath the Northern Apennines and Dinarides Orogenic Systems

Wentao Zhang, Ivone Jiménez‐Munt, Montserrat Torne, Jaume Vergés, Estefanía Bravo‐Gutiérrez, Ana M. Negredo, Eugenio Carminati, Daniel García‐Castellanos and Manel Fernàndez
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 127 (12) (2022)

Back‐Arc Dynamics Controlled by Slab Rollback and Tearing: A Reappraisal of Seafloor Spreading and Kinematic Evolution of the Eastern Algero‐Balearic Basin (Western Mediterranean) in the Middle‐Late Miocene

Shaza Haidar, Jacques Déverchère, David Graindorge, Mohamed Arab, Mourad Medaouri and Frauke Klingelhoefer
Tectonics 41 (2) (2022)

Crustal structures and salt tectonics on the margins of the western Algerian Basin (Mediterranean Region)

Juan I. Soto, Jacques Déverchère, Michael R. Hudec, et al.
Marine and Petroleum Geology 144 105820 (2022)

Two Cenozoic Extensional Phases in Mallorca and Their Bearing on the Geodynamic Evolution of the Western Mediterranean

Lluís Moragues, Patricia Ruano, José Miguel Azañón, Carlos J. Garrido, Karoly Hidas and Guillermo Booth Rea
Tectonics 40 (11) (2021)

Evidence for rapid large-amplitude vertical motions in the Valencia Trough (Western Mediterranean) generated by 3D subduction slab roll-back

Penggao Fang, Julie Tugend, Geoffroy Mohn, Nick Kusznir and WeiWei Ding
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 575 117179 (2021)

Depositional Model for Turbidite Lobes in Complex Slope Settings Along Transform Margins: The Motta San Giovanni Formation (Miocene—Calabria, Italy)

Sébastien Rohais, Julien Bailleul, Sandra Brocheray, et al.
Frontiers in Earth Science 9 (2021)

Interactions of plutons and detachments: a comparison of Aegean and Tyrrhenian granitoids

Laurent Jolivet, Laurent Arbaret, Laetitia Le Pourhiet, et al.
Solid Earth 12 (6) 1357 (2021)

Evolution of the Alpine orogenic belts in the Western Mediterranean region as resolved by the kinematics of the Europe-Africa diffuse plate boundary

Paul Angrand, Frédéric Mouthereau, O. Lacombe, et al.
BSGF - Earth Sciences Bulletin 192 42 (2021)

Opposite Symmetry in the Lithospheric Structure of the Alboran and Algerian Basins and Their Margins (Western Mediterranean): Geodynamic Implications

Ajay Kumar, Manel Fernàndez, Jaume Vergés, Montserrat Torne and Ivone Jiménez‐Munt
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 126 (7) (2021)

Lateral variations of pressure-temperature evolution in non-cylindrical orogens and 3-D subduction dynamics: the Betic-Rif Cordillera example

Eloïse Bessière, Laurent Jolivet, Romain Augier, et al.
BSGF - Earth Sciences Bulletin 192 8 (2021)

Geodynamic evolution of a wide plate boundary in the Western Mediterranean, near-fieldversusfar-field interactions

Laurent Jolivet, Thierry Baudin, Sylvain Calassou, et al.
BSGF - Earth Sciences Bulletin 192 48 (2021)

Basic Role of Extrusion Processes in the Late Cenozoic Evolution of the Western and Central Mediterranean Belts

Marcello Viti, Enzo Mantovani, Daniele Babbucci, et al.
Geosciences 11 (12) 499 (2021)

Transfer zones in Mediterranean back-arc regions and tear faults

Laurent Jolivet, Armel Menant, Vincent Roche, et al.
BSGF - Earth Sciences Bulletin 192 11 (2021)

Beyond ‘crumple zones’: recent advances, applications and future directions in deformable plate tectonic modelling

Alexander L Peace
Geological Magazine 158 (9) 1704 (2021)

Timing of Alpine Orogeny and Postorogenic Extension in the Alboran Domain, Inner Rif Chain, Morocco

Sara Marrone, Patrick Monié, Federico Rossetti, Luca Aldega, Mohamed Bouybaouene, Delphine Charpentier, Federico Lucci, David Phillips, Thomas Theye and Mohamed Najib Zaghloul
Tectonics 40 (7) (2021)

Structural style of the Languedoc Pyrenean thrust belt in relation with the inherited Mesozoic structures and with the rifting of the Gulf of Lion margin, southern France

Romain Hemelsdaël, Michel Séranne, Eglantine Husson, et al.
BSGF - Earth Sciences Bulletin 192 46 (2021)

Cenozoic mountain building and topographic evolution in Western Europe: impact of billions of years of lithosphere evolution and plate kinematics

Frédéric Mouthereau, Paul Angrand, Anthony Jourdon, et al.
BSGF - Earth Sciences Bulletin 192 56 (2021)

The transition from Pyrenean shortening to Gulf of Lion rifting in Languedoc (South France) – A tectonic-sedimentation analysis

Michel Séranne, Renaud Couëffé, Eglantine Husson, et al.
BSGF - Earth Sciences Bulletin 192 27 (2021)