From January 1st, 2017, BSGF - Earth Sciences Bulletin will become progressively an Open Access journal (June 2017)

All papers submitted after January 1st will be freely available to all readers via online access and article download, without any limitation of pages, number of figures of complementary material Copyright on any article will be retained by the author(s) under the Creative commons CC-BY which permits unrestricted used, distribution, and reproduction, provided the original work is properly cited.

Rather than charging for subscriptions, the journal asks authors to pay article processing charges (APCs) 300 € (without VAT) for SGF members and 500€ (without VAT) for non-members.

This low price is possible thanks to the support of the French Geological Society (Société Géologique de France) and the CNRS. APCs are used to maintain and improve:

  • An up-to-date infrastructure for the article submission and evaluation process
  • The publication of its content using various formats adapted to different reading habits
  • Tools for indexation and discoverability
  • Long-term content access and preservation

In 2017, author(s) may already choose to publish in Open Access by choosing the Open Access Option.