Aims and scope

BSGF - Earth Sciences Bulletin aims at publishing several main types of contributions :

  1. original papers, covering all disciplinary fields of Geosciences, either fundamental or applied (hazards, resources);
  2. review articles, making the point on a specific domain of Geosciences, either methodological or regional;
  3. monographies on the geology of a given region, with supplementary informations, maps, cross-sections, logs, seismic profiles … attached to the main online ;
  4. rapid communications (‘express letter’ type);
  5. excursion guide-books (they will follow the same review process as traditional articles);
  6. scientific reports of offshore cruises;
  7. articles reporting geodetic, geophysical or geochemical data (data papers) that may then become reference papers for future interpretations des articles de données géodésiques, géophysiques ou géochimiques, pouvant servir de base à des interprétations ultérieures.

BSGF - Earth Sciences Bulletin also provides a forum for comments-replies or for other types of discussions between specialists in earth sciences. All published papers, whatever their type, will be downloadable (free open-access) on the SGF and Geosciences World websites, proving that the authors pay a financial contribution of 300€ for SGF members and 500€ for non-members.

The BSGF also publishes thematic issues following scientific meetings, which are handled by guest editors.

The review process (from submission to acceptance) lasts generally from 4 to 6 months. The editorial team is aware of the need for PhD student to have their manuscripts rapidly accepted, so that the review process is speeded-up in this case to minimize delays.

The BSGF authorizes the authors to put the n-1 version of their manuscripts (i.e., unedited and un-typeset by the journal) on Open Archives HAL.

With an annual Impact Factor above 1 (5 year IF of 1.435), the BSGF is a first-class, non-profit journal in the Geosciences domain with a broad scope and a wide circulation/ accessibility via GSW.

The editorial board invites French and foreign authors, junior- as well as senior earth scientists, to publish the results of their work in the BSGF.