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Natural responses of Neoproterozoic dynamic karst springs to rainfall events, São Miguel Watershed, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Tássia Marques, Paulo Galvão, Pedro Assunção, Bruno Pandolf, Peter Marshall and Isabel Paiva
Hydrological Processes 38 (3) (2024)

Extreme hydrological regimes of a small urban river: impact on trace element partitioning, enrichment and fluxes

Gaël Durrieu, Nicolas Layglon, Sébastien D’Onofrio, Benjamin Oursel, Dario Omanović, Cédric Garnier and Stéphane Mounier
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 195 (9) (2023)

Impact of land-use change on karst spring response by integration of surface processes in karst hydrology: The ISPEEKH model

Ibrahim Al Khoury, Laurie Boithias, Ryan T. Bailey, Chloé Ollivier, Vianney Sivelle and David Labat
Journal of Hydrology 626 130300 (2023)

A Review of the Application of the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) in Karst Watersheds

Ibrahim Al Khoury, Laurie Boithias and David Labat
Water 15 (5) 954 (2023)

Toward the estimation of the transfer coefficient in karst systems: Using baseflow recession coefficient under matrix-restrained flow regime

Malihe Shirafkan, Zargham Mohammadi, Alireza Kavousi, Vianney Sivelle, David Labat and Thomas Reimann
Journal of Hydrology 620 129441 (2023)

Research Progress on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Loss in Small Watersheds: A Regional Review

Chunbo Wang, Chengtao Huang, Shuai Zhang, Lei Zhang, Tingzhen Li, Jiyou Peng and Liuyi Zhang
Water 15 (16) 2894 (2023)

Contribution of the satellite-data driven snow routine to a karst hydrological model

Süleyman Selim Çallı, Kübra Özdemir Çallı, M. Tuğrul Yılmaz and Mehmet Çelik
Journal of Hydrology 607 127511 (2022)

Impact of Withdrawals on Karst Watershed Water Supply

David Labat, Rémi Argouze, Naomi Mazzilli, Chloé Ollivier and Vianney Sivelle
Water 14 (9) 1339 (2022)

Considering land cover and land use (LCLU) in lumped parameter modeling in forest dominated karst catchments

V. Sivelle, H. Jourde, D. Bittner, B. Richieri, D. Labat, A. Hartmann and G. Chiogna
Journal of Hydrology 612 128264 (2022)

Improved understanding of dynamic water and mass budgets of high‐alpine karst systems obtained from studying a well‐defined catchment area

Simon Frank, Nadine Goeppert and Nico Goldscheider
Hydrological Processes 35 (4) (2021)

Coastal aquifer recharge and groundwater–seawater exchanges using downscaled GRACE data: case study of the Djeffara plain (Libya–Tunisia)

Julio Gonçalvès, Pierre Séraphin, Thomas Stieglitz, et al.
Comptes Rendus. Géoscience 353 (1) 297 (2021)

Hydrochemical and Isotopic Difference of Spring Water Depending on Flow Type in a Stratigraphically Complex Karst Area of South Korea

Soonyoung Yu, Gitak Chae, Junseop Oh, et al.
Frontiers in Earth Science 9 (2021)

A methodology for the assessment of groundwater resource variability in karst catchments with sparse temporal measurements

V. Sivelle and H. Jourde
Hydrogeology Journal 29 (1) 137 (2021)

Ecosystem N:P stoichiometric ratios determine the catchment surface water N:P ratio through subsurface hydrological processes

Ji Liu, Yi Wang, Yong Li, et al.
CATENA 194 104740 (2020)

Datasets of solid and liquid discharges of an urban Mediterranean river and its karst springs (Las River, SE France)

Christiane Dufresne, Bruno Arfib, Loïc Ducros, et al.
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Karst recharge-discharge semi distributed model to assess spatial variability of flows

Chloé Ollivier, Naomi Mazzilli, Albert Olioso, et al.
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Karst and urban flood-induced solid discharges in Mediterranean coastal rivers: The case study of Las River (SE France)

Christiane Dufresne, Bruno Arfib, Loïc Ducros, et al.
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Analyzing multi-scale hydrodynamic processes in karst with a coupled conceptual modeling and signal decomposition approach

Lea Duran, Nicolas Massei, Nicolas Lecoq, Matthieu Fournier and David Labat
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Utilizing Precipitation and Spring Discharge Data to Identify Groundwater Quick Flow Belts in a Karst Spring Catchment

Lixing An, Xingyuan Ren, Yonghong Hao, Tian-Chyi Jim Yeh and Baoju Zhang
Journal of Hydrometeorology 20 (10) 2057 (2019)

Dynamics of the Flow Exchanges between Matrix and Conduits in Karstified Watersheds at Multiple Temporal Scales

Vianney Sivelle, David Labat, Naomi Mazzilli, Nicolas Massei and Hervé Jourde
Water 11 (3) 569 (2019)

Links between karst hydrogeological properties and statistical characteristics of spring discharge time series: a theoretical study

Adeline Dufoyer, Nicolas Massei, Nicolas Lecoq, et al.
Environmental Earth Sciences 78 (14) (2019)

SNO KARST: A French Network of Observatories for the Multidisciplinary Study of Critical Zone Processes in Karst Watersheds and Aquifers

H. Jourde, N. Massei, N. Mazzilli, S. Binet, C. Batiot-Guilhe, D. Labat, M. Steinmann, V. Bailly-Comte, J.L. Seidel, B. Arfib, J.B. Charlier, V. Guinot, A. Jardani, M. Fournier, M. Aliouache, M. Babic, C. Bertrand, P. Brunet, J.F. Boyer, J.P. Bricquet, T. Camboulive, S.D. Carrière, H. Celle-Jeanton, K. Chalikakis, N. Chen, et al.
Vadose Zone Journal 17 (1) 1 (2018)