BSGF - Earth Sci. Bull.
Volume 192, 2021
Special Issue Orogen lifecycle: learnings and perspectives from Pyrenees, Western Mediterranean and analogues
Numéro d'article 56
Nombre de pages 55
Publié en ligne 15 novembre 2021

Supplementary Material

Supplementary File S1. Thermal structure of continental lithosphere.

Supplementary File S2. This file contains latitude, longitude of samples and central ages of apatite fission-track analyses published in Herman et al. (2014) and from our own compilation from the OROGEN project.

Supplementary Material Figure S1. Density model after EPcrust (Molinari and Morelli, 2011) used to derive topography of Europe shown in Figures 4 and 5.

Supplementary Material Figure S2. Cooling histories from which periods of maximum cooling rates have been derived for a selection of orogenic belts where thermal modelling has been published and containing apatite fission-track analyses.

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© F. Mouthereau et al., Published by EDP Sciences 2021

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