Fig. 9


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Rudist floatstones in upper part of section shown in Figure 7a: a: tubular monopleurid shells dominant (probably Mathesia; inset shows detail of tabulae – see text for discussion), with cluster preserved in upright life position; b: cluster of robust caprinids (?Pachytraga, but too recrystallized for secure determination) preserved in upright life position, overlain by shell bed of horizontally oriented Chondrodonta (at top), in repeat section of upper beds to west of fault shown in Figure 6a; c: left valve of Pachytraga paradoxa (Pictet and Campiche, 1869; see Skelton and Masse, 1998); d: partial left valve of probable Caprina douvillei (see text for discussion); e: Polyconites aff., hadriani Skelton et al., 2010 (polyconitid), section through articulated shell showing characteristic posterior myophoral arrangement at left, including inwardly inclined myophore in right (lower) valve (arrowed; see text for discussion); f: small Toucasia sp. (requieniid) (To), with other rudist debris. Scale bars: a, c-f: 10 mm; and b: 100 mm.

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