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Three-stage reconstruction of the Iberian-Armorican arc during the Carboniferous and the Permian. (a) Late collision stage at ca. 330 Ma. (b) Syn-convergence extension of the hinterland and fold-and-thrust tectonics in the southern foreland (ca. 320–310 Ma). (c) End of orocline bending, intra-syntax HT deformation (ca. 310–290 Ma). The inset shows how syn-convergence lateral flow pattern of the Pyrenees fits into the frame of the closing syntax. Note that N-S extensional shearing in the North Pyrenean massifs may be younger (see text for further explanation). The Axial Zone of the Pyrenees has been kept attached to Iberia, which is restored to its Permian position. Main sources for map and kinematic data outside the Pyrenees: Faure et al. (2009), Ballèvre et al. (2014), Franke (2014), Lardeaux et al. (2014). Palinspastic position of Iberia is adapted from Carreras and Druguet (2014) and those of Corsica and Sardinia from Edel et al. (2014).

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